"i can’t eat that, i’ll get fat"


"i can’t sleep in late today i have to do work"


"no i can’t watch a whole season in one go that’s lazy"


"i can’t-"



you make my black heart sweat








Thanks satan.

This week on You Didn’t Know You Were a Satanist

It is because “satan” and Demons are the true holders of Love, knowledge and power. This is because abrahamic religions are not the true way towards love (they can be of course, it just depends how you follow it through) This is because contrary to how these religion paint Demons, they are here to help us. They only hurt you when you do not know how to deal with them, it depends on the energy you emit, if you have in your kind that communicating with Demons will hurt you; it will. If you understand that they are holders of knowledge and compassion you can communicate with them without leaving yourself vulnerable to attacks. The Bible and Quran don’t explain this clearly. If you remember, religion is a way to control, a means of power, whilst spiritual satanism and faiths alike have no intention of controlling you, therefore you will choose wisely, with their guidance if needed. No human being belongs to any creature. No God, no Allah, no Jesus, we belong to none of them. If you understand the true Creator you will understand how beautiful, how loving, how kind and how UNLIKE these gods the Devine is. I’m sorry I’ve just had this on my heart for quite a while.
Although I will mention, the path to self awareness and the Devine are many and you can still find the true Creator, the true Source through any religion.

Yeah that’s neato, but the Satanic Bible written by Anton LeVay isn’t about ACTUAL demons and the devil and what not. LeVayan Satanists don’t think spiritual creatures like that truly exists, it’s used for a metaphor, so please be sure to clarify before making comments like that. :) Believe whatever you want, but please note that the Satanic Bible isn’t ACTUALLY about worshiping Satan.

^^ lol thank you! I hate it when people type essays when they know very little on the actual subject

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Fun tips and tricks for cosplaying at school!


  • Don’t.


feminism does not have to support the industry of sex work, but at all times needs to support those who are sex workers. that’s it. fin. support ya sisters that are just trying to make it in this shithole world

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white people wanna talk about “respecting the dead” and “remembering them for the good they’ve done” until a black person gets killed and suddenly every bad thing from their past justifies murder



there’s a huge difference between “let people do what they choose with their bodies” and “let those 12 year olds have irresponsible sex”

its been 2 days and this has like 50k notes and i’ve only received like 5 hate messages about this u go tumblr u growin up